A Journey thru York and coastal Maine area.

"York Kimballs - Where did they all come from"

Collecting Kimball Family Ancestry on the way.

The First Parish Cemetary of YORK, ME.

The Cemetery Superintendent, (Todd Frederick)and his maintenance crew have done and continues to do a fantastic job. Todd Frederick helped me with locating on his office maps, Kimball plots and locating single named Kimballs therein. Most of the year the cemetery is spic and span! The management or town has named each roadway, and that is a major help in locating graves. The grass and leaves are giving them job security.

"From Wikipedia we find that York, a town in York County, ME. The 2010 population in the 2010 census was 12,529. York is situated beside the Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Maine. York is a well known summer resort town. It is home to three 18-hole golf courses and clubs, four sandy beaches and Mount Agamenticus. It includes the villages of York Village, York Harbor, York Beach and Cape Neddick."

This area was first settled by Europeans in 1624. This plantation was originally called Agamenticus, and Abenaki term for York River. In 1638 settlers changed the name to Bristol after Bristol, England, from which they had immigrated. Envisioning a great city arising from the wilderness, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, lord proprietor of Maine under the Plymouth patent, named the capital of his province Gorgeana. In 1642, by charter of King Charles I. Gorgeana became the first incorporated city in America. Following the death of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, the Massachetts Bay Company claimed his dominion. In 1652 York, Massachusetts, was incorporated from a portion of Gorgeana, making it the second oldest town in Maine, after Kittery, which was incorporated in 1650.

The Town of York encumbers the following: York Village- (includes the historic structures and upscale shops.) York Harbor- (number of elegant inns, historic homes and large estates). York Beach- (two beautiful beaches:) Short Sands and Long Sands -(with attractions such as arcades, souvenir shops and stores).


"Everett 5, was the fifth of 11 children of Horace4 E. and Annie Hilborn Kimball, of Kennebunk, ME. Everett5 H., was born in Kennebunk, March 3, 1896. Everett5 H., married Hattie Estes of Kittery Point. Hattie was born Dec. 19, 1896. They had three sons. Clarence 6 E., Walter6 H., and Everett6 H. Jr. Everett5 worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery. He was also a Lobsterman on the side. He was a special uncle, who would come for a Sunday visit bringing lobster and going home with Milk, Cream, (depending on the season) Corn, Potatoes, Eggs, Rhubarb, etc. because we lived on a farm.

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The photos or plaques below are of children and grand-children of Everett5 and Hattie. Clarence 6 E., his wife Jean and the oldest of their two children, Lynn7 Kimball Adams, her husband Marlow Edward Adams.

Plaque photos below are of Walter6 and Joyce (Bilbruck) Kimball. Walter6 was the second child of Everett5, Sr. and Hattie Kimball. They had two children; Michael A. Kimball7 and Cheryl E.Kimball 7. Michael pasted away in 1905, and plaque as seen. Everett6, Sr and Hattie had a third son, Everett H. Jr. 7He married Barbara J. Bertelin of Port Deposit, MD., and they had two children. Wendy L.8 and Niki L.8 , both born in Portsmouth, NH. Everett Jr7 worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Last known was he has retired and lives in Kittery.

The stones above are Albert H., b.1867, d.1962, married Mary Abbie, b.1863, d.1936. Albert H. was a teamster and general farm worker. They had four children; Albert C., b.1880, d.1948, married Mary Ann, b.1873, d.1943. Harold E., Frank J. and Elsie E. ranging in age from about 4 yrs to 16 yrs old.

There is not much known about these children. James F appears on the 1930 census list as 4 yrs old. His parents are listed as James W. and Eva Kimball. The stone shows 2 yrs. He was a mechanic, divorced and was living with his parents.

Bradford A. 1900-1983 is listed in 1930 census about 30 years old

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