A Journey thru Wells and coastal Maine area.

"Wells Kimballs - Where did they all come from"

Collecting Kimball Family Ancestry on the way.

From Wikipedia, the free on line encyclopedia, The history has it that the Abenaki Indians called the area Webhannet, meaning "at the clear stream", a reference to the Webhannet River. Edmund Littlefield, an immigrant from the wool region of Titchield, England, was known as "The Father of Wells", for constructing the first gristmill and later a woolen mill in the new land at Wells on the Webhannet River, where a monument to Littlefield commemorates his contribution to the area, today. In 1622, the Plymouth Company in England awarded to Sir Ferdinando Gorges , Lord Proprietor of Maine,territory which included the Plantation of Wells. His young cousin, Thomas Gorges, acting as deputy and agent, in 1641 granted to Rev. John Wheelwright and other settlers from Exeter, New Hampshire the right to populate the land from northeast of the Ogunquit RIver to southwest of the Kennebunk River.

Wells is a town in York County, Maine. Wells was founded in 1643 and incorporated in 1653. Wells included Kennebunk, of approximately 43.87 sq miles of area until 1820, and the village of Ogunquit of sq miles and current Wells of 73.61 sq miles. Wells is bordered by Kennebunk to the northeast, Sanford to the northwest, North Berwick to the west, South Berwick to the southwest, and Ogunquit to the south.

Wells is a lovely, beautiful place with beaches, farms, major highways (Route US#1, and US#95, AKA- Maine Turnpike), Pan Am Railways Station, (formerly the Boston & Maine Railroad).

The above picture is of the Kimball Cemetery on Old Country Road, Ogunquit, ME. with Myra collecting grave info.

The stones above are of Paul S. and wife Margaret C. of Wells Cemetery on Old County Rd in Ogunquit, Village of Wells. The stone of Elden L., son of Paul & Margaret b. 1948, d. 1950.

The above photos are of Robert4 b.1792 d.1858 age 66 yrs. Robert4 was the son of David K.3, Grandson of Benjamin2 and Greatgrandson of Caleb1. Robert's4 wife Marabah b.1799 and d.1881. Their son Patin/Patten5, b.1835, died 1854 at age 19 yrs. Robert4 and Marabah had 6 children:James5 b. Nov 1825, Susanna5 b. Aug 1828, TWINS: Miranda5 b. Mar 1833, David5 b. Mar 1833, Robert Patin5 b. Feb 1835, and Lewis5 B. b.1837. See stone below.

Lewis5 B. was the son of Robert4 and Marabah. Lewis5 wife Mary Moody had 8 children. 1. Elmer6 b.1864, 2. Clarence6 Patte, b.1866 d. 1872, 3. Lewis6, Everett b.1869, 4. James6 Lewis b.1870, 5. Elden6 b. 1872, 6. Everett6 L. b.1877, 7. Charles6 H. b.1880, 8. Cora6 M. b. 1883,

According to the grave picture above, Elmer6 and Hattie had at least one child. Marion7 E. b. 1889 and d.in 1890.

The Stones above is of Oliver4, son of David 3 and wife Tabitha. They had seven children 1. David5, 2. Mary5, 3. Olive5, 4. Olive5, 5. Benjamin5, 6. Ellen5, 7. Abigail5.

Above is the Williams Lot at the corner of Wells Route 9B and Cheney Woods Road. The above Kimball Graves are of Jonathan4, d.1881 age 86 and his wife Elizabeth d.1869, aged 76yrs. This Lot has recently been renovated. The sign got a facelift. The clearing and removal of branchs, trash and waist high grass. Stone addition of Blocks, the iron railings. All I can say is WOW! KODOS to the individuals that did this work.

Jonathan4 was the son of Benjamin3,grandson of Benjamin2greatgrandson of Caleb 1. They had 8 children:Ann5, b.Feb, 1818., Benjamin 5, b. Apr 2 1821.,Jane5, b. Jan 13,1823. , Elizabeth, No birth date., John5, b. 25 Apr 1826., Mariba5, b.2 Oct 1828. , Jonathan, b.13 Apr 1830., Jonathan5, b. 2 Jun 1833.

As I accumalate more photos and info on Wells. I will add to this site.

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