A Journey thru Kittery and coastal Maine area.

Collecting Kimball Family Ancestry on the way.

"Kittery Kimballs - Where did they all come from"

We find that KITTERY IS A TOWN IN YORK COUNTY, MAINE. The name KITTERY goes way back to early 1600. The "Oldest town in Maine" was incorporated in 1647. WIKIPEDIA tells the story of "Kittery" the seaside district, which includes Seavey's Island, Badger's Island, part of the Isles of Shoals. Kittery is home to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on Seavey Island. The town of Kittery also includes the Census-designated place (CDP) of Kittery Point.

Kittery Point first settled in 1623, and traces its history to the first seafarers who colonized the shore of what became the Massachusetts Bay Colony and later the State of Maine. It is home to "Fort McClary" State Historic Site, and "Fort Foster Park" on Gerrish Island,. Cutts Island is home to Seapoint Beach and the Brave Boat Harbor Division of the "Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge" .

"Where are the Kimballs?"

"Thru the Famous to Kimballs"

The Stones above are of Benjamin 3 and Lydia (Johnson) Kimball in Kittery, Maine. It is believed that Benjamin3 was the son of Benjamin 2 and Paulina(Trafton) Kimball of YORK, ME. Benjamin 1 was married to Paulina Cluff; married 2nd to Hannah Doloff. Upon his death in 1815, he and Paulina had 6 children and Hannah had 3 children. He had 3 children who were over the age of 14 yrs and were on there own. Isaac Kimball, Jr. of Wells, ME. was appointed guardian of the other 6 children (under 14 yrs).

The stones below are of the Edwin H. and his wife Martha Elizabeth (Brown) of Malden, Mass. Edwin H. was the fourth born child of Benjamin and Lydia Kimball.

The stones below are of Elmer H. and his wife Artie (Smart) of Kennebunkport, ME. Elmer H. was the son of Edwin H. and Martha Kimball and Grandson of Benjamin and Lydia Kimball.

I found two of the three missing photos of other Kimball graves that existed in this Cemetery. I got two of three photos this Spring. They are Samuel d. 4 Nov 1891, age 84 yrs. and his wife, Mary who died 13 Apr 1899 aged 88 yrs. The still missing is third is Majorie R. born 1922 and died 1971.

The stone below is of Clyde and Mary (Raynes) Kimball. Clyde was principle of the middle school, and Mary(Raynes) was a teacher at a Sanford ME. school. This beautiful stone overlooks the Atlantic Ocean at Kittery Point, ME. My husband attended that school. Mr. Kimball was well liked by all the kids, my husband included, and parents alike.

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