A Journey thru Sanford and Springvale area.

"Sanford Kimballs - Where did they all come from?"


"From The History of Sanford", in 1661-1900 By Edwin Emery, A.M., on the internet. This tells the full scope of Saw Mills to Fabric Mills is just amazing. Edwin Emery tell of William Phillips, the owner of saw mills in Saco, purchased from the Indian Chief Fluellin, a square miles tract of land, what soon became known as Phillipstown, but remained uninhabited until 1739. The third appeal to the province of Massachusetts Bay (of which all of Maine was part of) for incorporation in 1752, was successful. In that year Sir Francis Bernard, the Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, signed the incorpration document, and changed the name to Sanford, to honor Peleg Sanford, A Gov. of Rhode Island in 1680's. The City of Sanford and its of the adjoining towns had many sawmills and grist mills, but no factories until 1829, when a plant for the printing of designs on cotton cloth was built at a waterfall in a part of Sanford, called the village of Springvale. At the opening ceremony the gentleman what offered the prayer for the mill's success was asked if he could suggest a name for this section of Sanford. He gestured toward the nearby bubbing spring and the mill's location in a valley between two ridges he replied "Springvale", and known by that name today. My search shows Oakdale Cemetery, Berwick St. Sanford, Me. has many, many Kimballs. THE INFO AND PICTURES I HAVE COLLECTED HERE WAS WITH THE HELP OF DAN GUILLEMETTE AND STAFF, WHO CARES FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL CEMETERY, VERY WELL GROOMED WITH IT OWN LITTLE POND. WHAT A GEM.

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Above is the Grave Stone of Nathaniel Kimball6 and his wife Mary (Horne) Kimball and some other family members. Nathaniel 6 born in Dover, N.H. the son of Richard5, and Anna (Hanson) Kimball. Richard5was the son of Ezra 4 and Elizabeth Waldron. Ezra 4 was the son of Ephraim3and Mary Friend. Ephraim3 was son of Richard2 and Mary Gott. Richard2 was the son of Richard1 and Mary Scott.

Nathaniel6 was the seventh of nine children. D.(Daniel) Smith 7 was the son of Nathaniel6 and Mary H. Kimball. Love Kimball was the wife of Daniel7 K. Henry8 was the son of Daniel and Love Kimball. Mary A.8 was the daughter of Daniel7 and Mary Kimball. Nathaniel 6 and Mary (Horne) Kimball were the parents of Increase Sumner Kimball7 pictured below.

The above is the grave stone of the (IS) Increase S. Kimball7 and his wives. Increase S.7(IS) , was the son of Nathaniel6 and Mary (Horne) Kimball. Nathaniel was a very promident person who was an advocate for Sanford. From the "History of the Kimball Family in America" by Leonard Morrison, A.M. and Stephen Sharples, S.B., I can give you a glance of his Genealogy and his accomplishments for Sanford, Springvale and York County. Increase was the 4th child of Nathaniel6 and Mary (Horne) of Dover, NH. Nathaniel and Mary lives in North Berwick and Shapleigh, Me. They had 9 children. The first 6 children was born in No. Berwick, Me. and the others in Shapleigh, Me. 1.Cynthia7, 2. Abigail7, 3. Richard7, 4. Increase S.7, 5. Ezra7, 6. Daniel7, 7. Mary7, 8. John H.7, 9. William A.7, 10. Samuel7.

The fourth child, Increase Sumner K.7 was born Aug 30, 1800. He was educated at Phillips Academy, Exeter, N.H., studied law and practiced successfully in Lebanon and Sanford, Me. He was postmaster in Lebanon 1843-1846. He became representative in the Maine legislature in 1838-1839, from Lebanon, and from Sanford in 1861. He was county attorney for York County from 1865 to 1868. He married Miriam E. Bodwell, born 3 June 1809 and died April 10th, 1866; married 2nd April 1867, Eliza A. Miller, born 1827 and died April 29, 1872; married 3rd, 2 Dec 1872, Mary A Waterhouse, born 4 Nov, 1823 and died 1899. Five of the Ten children of Increase S.7 and Mariam(Waterhouse) Kimball died within the first five years as seen on the stone photo below, and Helen8 M. lived 15 yrs.

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The second child-Sumner8 Increase, born 2 Sep 1834 in Lebanon, ME. The sixth child- Mary8 E., born 11 Aug, 1842; married, William H. Miller, of Sanford. Resided in Charlestown, Mass. The eighth child- Sarah B., born 1845 married Rufus Cobb.
The ninth child- Elizabeth8 A., born 29 Oct 1847; married 11 Jun 1870, Samuel B Emery. Sumner8 Increase Kimball, was a graduated A. B., Dartmouth, 1855, S.D., Bowdoin, 1891. He studied law with his father, was admitted to the bar in 1858, and began practice at No. Berwick, ME. In 1859 he sat in the legislature, and though the youngest member, he took an active part in the proceedings serving on the committee on the judiciary. In January, 1861, he entered the treasury department in Washington as a clerk. He rose to the position of chief clerk in the second auditor's office. In 1871 he was placed in charge of the revenue marine service, which he reorganized and reformed, greatly reducing the expense of maintenance while increasing its efficiency more than five-fold.

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The EMERY stone on the left above shows Elizabeth Kimball, the ninth child and daughter of Increase and wife Mary born, 1847. Elizabeth married Samuel Benton Emery. Listed on this stone also listed three of their children: Miriam Emery, b.1872 d.1872, Herman Emery, b. 1847, d. 1883 and Faith (Emery) Nichols Emery, b. 1884, d. 1981. Faith married Walter Nichols, b. 1887, died 1941. The Emery stone on the right is that of Walter Kimball Emery b. 1872, d. 1949. Walter's wife Lillian (Lamb) b.1882. d.1943. Their son, Ford Emery b. 1896, d. 1953. Ford's wife Arlene M. b. 1913, d. 1997 Ethel Steward Emery b. 1898 d.1929, and Ensign S. Benton Emery, b. 1916, d. 1943.

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The stone on the left above is that of Wm. Miller b.1812, d.1884. His son William Henry b.1834, d.1897 and Wm's wife Emily M Kimball Miller, b.1842, d.1923. Two sons of Wm's and Emily; (1)Frank Irving b.1859, d. 1870 - 11yrs, 2 mos. (2)Alfred Wright b.1881, d. 1884 - 2yrs, 3 mos. The stone on the right is that of George A. b.1857- d. 1933 and wife Susie (Steward)Kimball, b. 1841- d.1936.

The Military stone on the Left is of ME. Pfc Co A., 387 Military Police Bn. WWII. The four below are from the Oakdale Cemetery in Sanford, Me. I have no other info on these people. If you have knowledge on them or you are a relative, please send info to Kimball Family, PO Box 453, West Kennebunk, Me. 04094.

The stone on the right above is of Harold W. Kimball, b.9/25/1905, d.9/17/1936 and his wife, Susan M. (French) Kimball b.1903, d.1987.

Much more genealogy can be read in the "Kimball Family in American" by Morrison and Sharples. Hopefully in your local library.

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