A Journey thru Lyman and coastal Maine area.

"Lyman Kimballs - Where did they all come from"

Collecting Kimball Family Ancestry on the way.

From Town Records of Lyman and Wikipedia we find out much about this small town.

Lyman is a town in York County, Maine with a land mass of 38.99 sq mi and water area of 1.50 sq mi. This town had a population of 4,344 in 2010.

The History In 1660, John Sanders, John Bush and Peter Turbat purchased from the Abenaki sachem Sosowen and his son Fluellin what is now the township of Lyman. This Town was first called Swanfield, it was settled in 1767, and incorporated by the Massachusetts General Court on April 24, 1780 as Coxhall, probably after Coggeshall (pronounced Coxhall) in Essex, England. On February 25, 1803, the name was changed to Lyman in honor of Theodore Lyman, a wealthy merchant who established a successful shipping firm in the 1790s at York before moving to Boston.

While the original settlers are not known for certain, early records and deeds mention the following: William and Jacob Waterhouse (of Kennebunk), Love Roberts, Alexander Grant, Thomas Lord, Jacob Rhoades, Benjamin and Mark Goodwin (brothers who built one of the first mills at Goodwin's Mills), John Low (who served as town moderator and treasurer), John Burbank, Joseph Witten, James and William Brock, Mark Ricker, Robert Cousens, Valentine Hill, and Gershom Downs.

Farmers found the surface of the town moderately uneven, with fair soil that yielded good crops of grain, hay and apples. Watermills were established at the ourlets of the larger ponds, with two sawmills near Swan Pond and another at Kennebunk Pond. Lumbering was a cosiderable source of income for many inhabitants. In 1782, a sawmill and gristmill were erected at Goodwin's Mills, which developed into the town's only business and trade center, despite the fact that some of the village is actually located in Dayton. The Great Fire of 1947 devastated part of Lyman. Today, the town is largely a bedroom community.

The 2000 census reports, there were 3,795 people, and 1,087 families residing in this town.There were 1,749 housing units in Lyman.

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Stone on the left is of Caleb4, Kimball, born Lyman Me, abt. 1794 and died there 30 Jan 1845. (Stone on right) of Mary Sharples, the daugher of John and Polly (Fiske) Sharples. Caleb4, was son of Caleb3, and Mary Banks. Caleb2 was son of Caleb1, and Susanna Cloyes. Mary Sharples was born abt 1801 and died 23 Jun 1856, at age of 55 yrs. Caleb4, died 30 Jan 1845, at age 51 Yrs.

The Stone on the left is of Heber3, Kimball, baptized in Wells, Me., Jul 4, 1743; died in Coxhall (Lyman) 15 May 1789. Heber3 was the son of Caleb 2, and Beriah Welsh, of Wells, Me. and grandson of Caleb1, and Susanna (Cloyes). Heber married 27 Aug 1768, Rebecca (Boothby), born 18 Aug 1741, daughter of Henry and Sarah Trafton Boothby. They lived in Coxhall (Lyman) Me. They had four children: 1. Susanna4, married 16 Oct 1793, Jonathan Story, 2. Alpheus4, baptized, 1 Aug 1773; died 15 Apr 1822. 3. Elizabeth4baptized 3 Dec 1775. 4. Mehitable4, baptized 3 May 1778. In 2015, during an ongoing Cemetery project of mapping and documenting Lyman's cemeteries, a war veteran's grave was found. First, a little bit about Heber Kimball taken from the Local Reporter Newspaper, from an article writen by Ann Fisher. "Heber Kimball was husband, father, selectman and likely, a father. What wasn't known about Kimball until recently, however, was that he was also a Revolutionary War Veteran."

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Abigail and Levi Elwell. Levi was the son-in-law of Heber and Rebecca (Boothby) Kimball

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The above stones have an unusual history by the recent finding of the grave of Gibeon Kimball3 Gibeon was married to Polly (Clark) of Lyman. They had one child; Rachel4 , born in 1817 and she married Samuel Emerson Hodgkins born in Lyman. Samuel Emerson Hodgkins was the son of Nathaniel and Susanna Bishop Hodgkins. Samuel Hodgkins died,6 Mar 1874. Gibeon than married 2nd. Lydia (Cleaves) of Lyman, Maine, on 14 June 1901. Gibeon and Lydia had two sons: Orrin, born 1824, and John C., born 29 Dec 1830.

John C. Kimball2, son of Gibeon 1 and Lydia (Cleaves) Kimball, married Mary J. Kimball2, daughter of Abraham Kimball1.

John E. was the son of John C. and Mary J. Kimball. John was the grandson of Gibeon and Alice C

The above stones, on the left is that of my friends, Priscilla Miles and Fred Taylor, seeking, finding, recovering buried grave stones. They had unearthed the stone of Jesse4 and his wife Ruth (Smith) Kimball.

The stone on the left is of Jesse4 was born Aug 26, 1790, one of thirteen children, of Ezra3 and Lucretia (Cousens) Kimball. Jesse4, married Ann Smith (stone on the right), and they had two sons. 1. Smith5, born 6 Apr 1880, 2. Jesse5. Jesse4 died in Lymam Nov 6, 1854.

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The stone on the RIGHT is that of Jeremiah Cousens and his wife Eliza4 (Kimball) Cousens.
Eliza4 was the daughter of Ezra3 and Lucretia Cousens (Kimball). This is only two of the others stones that Pris, Fred and others persons of the Lyman "Friends" group have found and recovered.

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George W. Kimball5 was born in Lyman, Me Sept 22,1845, died 1912. George5 was the son of Aaron4 Rumery and Esther Kimball of Lyman. Aaron was the son of Richard3 of Lyman. Richard3 was the son of John2, who was the son of Richard1. George W.5 married, Dec 25, 1873, Nancy O. Green. Nancy O. Green was born in North Kennebunkport, (currently Arundel) daughter of Jacob and Nancy (Dearborn) Green. George 5 , was a farmer and they lived in Lyman. They had six children.

  1. Howard M.6 b. Nov 19, 1874.d.Dec 1, 1895
  2. Emma H.6 b. May 9, 1876, m.May 19, 1895, Octavius Hayes of Buxton, Me.
  3. Twins--
  4. George W.6 b. Feb 8, 1881.
  5. Grace M.6 b. Feb 8, 1881. m. Fred T Lord.
  6. Fred b.6 May 25, 1886.
  7. Myrtie W,6 b. Oct 22,1893. m. Walter C. Smith. d. 1912.

Fred6 E. Kimball was born 25 May 1886, the son of George W. 5, and Nancy O. (Green) Kimball and is the sister to Myrtie K.Smith.Fred E.'s father George5 Kimball was the son of Aaron4, son of, Richard3, son of, John2, son of Richard1. Fred6 , married Leora E Goodwin of Dayton.

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Myrtie6 Wilton (Kimball) SMITH was born 22 Oct 1893, to George5 W., and Nancy O.(Green) Kimball, and sister of Fred E Kimball. Myrtie's father, George5 Kimball was the son of Aaron4, Richard3, John2, Richard1,

Millard Kimball son of the late John and Alice C. Kimball, is a retired New York ice dealer and retired to Lyman. He was born in Dayton, Sept. 4, 1977. He married Bessie Hoover. Besides his widow he leaves a brother Gayton H. of Dayton, and a niece, Mrs Alexander Dumas of Boston. Bessie Hoover Kimball passed away 5 July 1958 in Kennebunk. She was born in Audistine, Maryland, Jan 11 1883.

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This spire represents more than one family.The other sides have other families. Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel Kimball, died 21 June 1890, aged 64 yrs and 5 months. Nathaniel record yet.

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