A Journey thru the coastal Maine area.

Collecting Kimball Family Ancestry on the way.


"Maine Cemetery Inscriptions- YORK COUNTY", Volume 1 by the Maine Old Cemetery Association. Kimball's buried in varies cemetery, ranging from 1782-1928.

"Alfred" was called by the Indians "Massabesic". For twelve years it was the North Paris of Sanford till it was incorporated in 1794 as Alfred, the only town in York County after an English king. It was, perhaps, a surprising name to be given only eleven yers after the teaty of Pris had concluded the American Revolution.

The first settler Simeon Coffin, a bankrupt shipwright from Newbury, Massachusetts, arrived in 1764 to start a new career on the frontier. His first home was an Indian wigwam, with Indian neighbors, seven miles from the nearest white settler. Three years later, his father and two brothers joined him, and Daniels Giles also arrived at Massabesic. By 1782, a sufficient population was here to organize a Congregational parish; at about the same time some of the Shaker familes arrived and the famous colony at Shaker Pond was shortly formed. The large stone that marks the Shaker burial place gives the dates 1790-1928 so the group was for at least a century and a quarter resident in the town. It is regrettable that individuals stones with names and dates do not mark the resting place of these unusual people but the massive buildings they erected are their real monuments here. The buildings that continue to be devoted to religious education as the Notre Dame Institute. By 1770, the settlers from the town of York, twenty to twenty-five miles from Alfred by road, began to arrive, continuing in such numbers that one road was given the name of York Street. In 1802, Alfred began to share with York the distinction of being a shire town and thirty years later became the sole county seat. Alfred never grew to become a large town but it was a prosperous one, and even today the evidnce of this eary prosperity survives in house of architectual dinstinction, once the homes of Morgan Lewis, Abiel Holmes Archibald Smith, and others. The Leighton and Parsons families carried the town's fame beyond county and state borders.In the field near the Moses Swett house, three pioneer setters were buried: Robert white, Daniel Conant, and the father of Samuel Friend. Conoant and Friend had come to Alfred in 1770. Clayton does not note the existense of stones for any of the three, and no stones for them have been found by the compiler on record.

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I will do my best, to tell the story of this family, which blossomed for many years in both Lyman and Alfred. Dea Issachar4 Kimball born 15 May 1784 and died 3 May 1861 was the son of Dea Ezra 3 Kimball, who was the son of Caleb2 and Beriah Welsh of Wells, who was the grandson of Caleb1 of Wells.

Ezra3 baptized 16 Apr. 1752, died Lyman, Me., married 28 Mar. 1776, Lucretia Cousens of Lyman. Lucretia Cousens Kimball, who died 10 Feb. 1800. Ezra3 Kimball, married 2nd Anna Whitten.

Issachar4and his father Ezra3, were both leaders in the towns of Lyman and Alfred churchs. Dea. Issachar4, born 15 May 1784, in Lyman, married Abigail Farnum, born 30 Oct. 1783, daughter of Benjamin Farnum of Concord, N.H. Abigail died 23 Apr. 1855.

Issachar4 went to sea, when he was sixteen, rose to be mate and captain. He was commissioned by the governor as major in the militia of the state. Dea Issachar4 Kimball, for many years was the deacon in the Congregational Church in Alfred. Dea Issachar4, died in Alfred, May 3, 1860.

Above you can see the two of many old grave stones that are in the Congregational Church graveyard. I have had these pictures for a few years. I went back and found I can't read them now. They are very hard to read if you can read them at all. They had 5 children. #1. Martha Ann b. 1816, d.1858. Martha Ann married Nathaniel Farnum Jr. #2. Alden Bradford, b. 1817, d.1893. Alden m. Caroline. #3. Mary Hall b. 1822, d.1882. #4. Susan M. (last name only) Donnell. #5 Abigail F. b.1820' d.1883. m. Jeremiah Giles, b. 3/17/1820, d. 10/21/1883.

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Alden Bradford Kimball5 sup born in Lyman, Me. Oct 1, 1817; He lived and died Alfred, Me., 1894; married June 18, 1857, Caroline Clark, born Feb 8,1826, daughter of Abner and Betsey (Wakefield) Clark. Alden B. and Caroline, had four children. (1)Mary Hall,6 b. Apr 23, 1858. She graduated from State Normal School at Gorham, ME. (2) Frank Issacher 6 born Apr 21, 1860; m. Jan 19, 1887, Lillian Uncapher. He was a civil engineer and resided in Greensburg, PA., (3) Frederick Clark,6 b.Oct 20, 1863; m. June 26 1886, Bertha A. Goding. He is a graduate of West Point and was an Army Officer. (4) Caroline Clark6, April 15, 1868. She was a teacher.

The five stone are (left to right ) foot stones for burials of others not listed on the Family Stone. Can not find a listing on these. The first one is EDEA b.1850 and d.1850.NEXT is ELIZ. b. 1859, d.1931. NEXT is Elsie, can't read dates. NEXT John Alden can't read dates. As spring comes I may find more info and will post it here.

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