A Journey thru Biddeford and coastal Maine area.

"Biddeford Kimballs - Where did they all come from"

Collecting Kimball Family Ancestry on the way.

Wikipedia says "Biddeford, Maine is a City in York County, Maine." The city of Biddeford is considered the twin city of Saco. Biddeford includes the resort community of Biddeford Pool, Fortunes Rocks and Granite Point. The town is the site of the University of New England and the annual LaKermesse the Franco-American Festival. This is a unique, fantastic Festival. Many original parade entries such as the Bud Horses below are a sight to see.

Biddeford was first visited by Europeans in 1616. This city is the site of the earliest European settlements in the United States. The history of Biddeford includes the Abenaki Indians, whose main village was upriver at Pequawket (now Fryeburg), once hunted and fished in the area. Major William Phillips of Boston became a proprietor, and constructed a garrison and mill at the falls. During King Philip's war in 1675, the town was attacked by Indians. The first European to settle at Biddeford was physician Richard Vines in the winter of 1616-1617 at WINTER HARBOR, as he called Biddeford Pool. This 1616 landing by a European predates the Mayflower landing in Plymouth, Mass.The town was reorganized in 1718 as Biddeford, after Bideford, a town in Devon, England, from which some settlers had emigrated. After the Fall of Quebec in 1759, hostilities with the natives ceased. Major textile manufacturing facilities were constructed along the riverbanks, including the Laconia Company in 1845, and the Pepperell Company in 1850. Biddeford was incorporated as a city in 1855. The mills attracted waves of immigrants, including the Irish, Albanian, and French-Canadian from the province of Quebec. (My husband's grandparents were from Poland). At one time the textile mills employed as many as 1200 people, but as happened elsewhere, the industry entered a long period of decline. As of 2009, the last remaining textile company in the city, WestPoint Home, closed. The property occupying the mill has been sold and is being redeveloped into housing and new businesses. The last log drive down the Saco river was in 1943, with the last log swawn in 1948. Biddeford's name is engraved near the top level of The Pilgrim Monument, in Provinetown, Massahusetts, along with the names of some of the oldest cities and towns in New England. During World War II the Biddeford Pool Military Reservation was established from 1942 to 1945, on what is now the Abenakee Golf Club. It had four circular concrete platforms called "Panama mounts" for 155mm, three of which remain today.

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The Stone photos below are of 3 children of William7 and Betsey (Kilgore) Kimball of their 12 children. They lived in Lovel and Hiram, ME. Betsey was the daughter of Capt. James Kilgore of Lovel, ME, a Revolutionary soldier. William7's genealogy is as follows. --- William7, was son of --- William6and his 2nd wife Bethia (Gordon) of Andover, Mass. ---William6 served in the Army in Springfield, MA.,from June 23, 1778, to Jan 6, 1781. He served in Capt. Dix's Co., in the Seventh Division. ---William6, moved from Fryeburg, to Lovel, ME. ---William6was the son of ---Richard5, and Annie (Robinson) who was the son of --- Joseph4. ---Joseph4 was the son of ---Richard3 and Sarah (Spofford). ---Richard3 b.1660 was the son of ---Thomas2. ---Thomas2 b. 1633, was the son of ---Richard1 and Ursula Kimball, from England.

The two photos above, are 3 of the 12 children of William Kimball and Betsey (Kilgore) of Lovel, ME. Betsey Kilgore was the daughter of Capt. James Kilgore of Lovel ME, was a revolutionary soldier.

The two photos above, are of Nathaniel Kimball3 and Hannah (Lord) Kimball of Limerick, ME., son of Abraham2 and Sally (Jellison) Kimball, of Kennebunk, son of Abraham1 born in Wells, and Sarah (Smith) of Kennebunk.

The photo on the right is of Alvin F. Kimball4, son on Nathaniel3 and Hannah (Lord) Kimball. Alvin F. Kimball4 married Susan (Pierce) of Limerick, they lived in Biddeford.

This Space reserved for Chritopher K. when grave picture is located

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The stone on the left above is of Eva Kimball. She was born in Lawrence, Mass in 1892, the daughter of Aleide and Emma (Landry) LaVallee. She worked in Pineland Hospital, in Pownal, ME for many years. She is surived by her husband, Herbert L. Kimball, and two sons, Linwood A. Kimball of OOBeach, and Paul R. Kimball of Arundel.

The stone on the right above is of Herbert L. Kimball. His stone is the Military Stone of Herbert L. Kimball. Veteran of World War II. He was born Sep, 25, 1901 in Waldoboro, Me the son of William and Inez Kimball, and for a number of years was a member of the Saco Police Department. From 1936-1940 he was chief of the Saco Fire Dept. He was a communicant of St Mary's Church, Biddeford. He is survived by two sons, Linwood A. Kimball of OOBeach, and Paul R. Kimball of Arundel, two brothers, Howard,of Augusta, and William H. of Waldoboro, and five grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Robert P. Cleaves 5 is believed to be the son of Robert and Lydia 4 (Kimball) Cleaves and was the grand-son of Samuel 3 and Lydia (Lord) Kimball. Lydia was the Grand-daughter of Richard Kimball2 and Great- Grand-daughter of Caleb1.

Lydia Kimball 4 was the daughter of Samuel 3 and Lydia (Lord) Kimball. Lydia was the Grand-daughter of Richard Kimball2 and Great- Grand-daughter of Caleb1. Lydia was 2nd of five children. Hannah4, Lydia4, Jane4, Dominicus4, Samuel4. Hannah4, married Elijah Walker, Jane4, married Job Roberts, Dominicus4, married Rachel Roberts of Waterboro.

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